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Sleep Recovery… by Lisa Sanfilippo

I am excited to meet you at the Mindful Living Show – and it is so heartening that The Sleep Show is under the same roof.

Maybe we are wising up: our problems are not just about long working hours, coffee, screens, or smartphones. If you struggle with your sleep, repairing what’s been broken means listening carefully to the needs of your beautifully unique, body, mind and soul: It means letting go of what everyone else is doing, or what you were doing earlier in your own life.

Unlike a computer that does nothing when it’s unplugged and switched off, your body and your mind go through important replenishing, cleaning-up and reorganising that can’t be done while you’re awake and in charge. And what I’ve found is that how we treat ourselves all day makes a difference to how we sleep at night: the two aren’t separate.

While new apps and fast fixes can be helpful, offering what seems like support in the palm of your hand, here’s something revolutionary: that we both strip away the machine metaphors we’ve used to describe ourselves, put down the devices we’ve used to mediate our relationship with ourselves, and go back to being creatures.

Let’s call on some wisdom from the yoga tradition in the 5 steps to better sleep that really work. I’ve taught these to thousands of people, face to face, in the biggest yoga studios in London and all around the UK and abroad- and I’ve been thrilled to hear their stories of how such simple things can be so life-changing.

Let’s start a Sleep Recovery revolution and reclaim our creaturely selves so that we sleep cosier and better, and that we wake up happier. It is a simple multi step process: not just breaking up with bad habits that sabotage your sleep, but bringing in simple, effective, do-able and – dare I say it – enjoyable sleep saving habits. First, let’s look at the five steps to recover your sleep and then I’ll ask you: What’s your type:

I’ll introduce you to the process, and even teach you some of the tools at the Shows.

  1. Repair your body: pull tension out of our body and put in the good daily habits that support your sleep, little by little for big changes
  2. Replenish your energy by doing some simple things to change your breath throughout the day you can  to repair the damage that stress and overwork can do to your nervous system
  3. Reclaim your mind – help your active mind to digest your day
  4. Restore a sense of calm – Dealing with the emotions that can sabotage your sleep
  5. Release fear, reawaken happier. Give yourself time to confront what’s really keeping you up at night, and feel more on-track with a sense of purpose.

What’s your sleep type: Are you a Monkey, Tiger or Bear?

What I’ve seen in helping thousands of people to repair and recover their sleep is that how you sleep has a lot to do with your body-mind makeup: You can’t compare yourself to your partner or friends, and averages and standards can really freak us out.

At the Mindful Living Show, or in the new book Sleep Recovery, you’ll learn your sleep type. You can tailor your better-sleep habits so that you feel amazing without struggling.  I’ve taken the wisdom of the traditional Ayurvedic (traditional Indian medicine) constitution types based on the elements found in nature and translated I’ve them into the three sleep personalities: You’re either a monkey, tiger or bear.

If you are a monkey type sleeper, you’re a naturally light sleeper, or if you sleep deep and fast, you’re a tiger. A bear will sleep deeply and for a long time. This is when you’re in balance. But when you’re out of balance: because of a work drama, a breakup, a health crisis, the birth of a new baby, or something that disrupts your body or mind – you’ll need different ways to come back into equilibrium, bringing back better sleep and to feel healthy. I’ll tell you more a the show, but here’s the basic idea: Monkey-types need warmth and grounding, while tigers need cooling down and soothing. Bear-types need more activity and get up and go during the day.

The Five Steps of Sleep Recovery take you through pre-sleep saviours and simple daily ways to repair your sleep that make you happier and healthier in the process.

Feeling enticed? You can grab a copy of Sleep Recovery now, or at the shows, I’ll be on hand to sign your copy and offer you simple, practical sleep recovery that you can use right away. Follow me at @sleep_recovery and @lisayogalondon


Time for the mind

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