The event offers an unparallelled group of experts in mindfulness and meditation.

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Friday 15th March 2019

Director of Mindfulness Association & Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight Trainer
Mindfulness Association Ltd
Working Peer
House of Lords
Experimental Psychologist and Founding director of the Brain, Belief, & Behaviour Lab
Coventry University

"The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change You?"

Director, Teacher and Trainer
Mindfulness UK
“Mindful Self-Compassion”
Psychoanalyst and clinical hypnotist
The McKeown Clinic

"The interupt"

Calm For Kids

"Mindfulness for Parents"

International Mindfulness Advocate & Conscious Visionary
The Conscious Professional
"Powerfully Peaceful: Mindfulness, Performance & Potential"
"Creative Mindfulness Class with Neil Seligman"
Mindfulness Expert
The Mindfulness App

"Increased creativity with Mindfulness in the workplace!"

Founder & CEO
OWBA by Dana Zelicha - Organisational Well Being Agency

"Mindfulness at Work - Innovative Tools and Recent Case Studies"

Founder and Wellness Coach
The Life Fruit

"Where yoga and coaching connects"

Sheffield Hallam

"Integrated mindfulness and physical activity for physical and mental health."

Head of Well-being Learning and Sustainable Performance

"Cultivating a culture of Mindfulness and Compassion in Workplace"

MindfulnessUK Tutor, Course Developer & Parent Carer
Project Yogi

"Mindful Kids"

The Inclusion Initiative

"Mental Wellbeing at work"

Writer, Skyros Holidays Co-founder, Aurora Centre Founder-Director
Skyros Holidays
Story & Mindfulness Coach & Trainer
Settle Stories
The Sleep Guru
Author, Teacher, TV Mindfulness Coach and Therapist
Mindfully Happy
Energy Healer & Personal Development Mentor
Jung Shim

Saturday 16th March 2019

Teacher, Author and Co-Founder of Breathworks
TV Personality, Author & Astrologer
Russell Grant

"My journey with meditation"

Teacher, Author & University Lecturer
Enter Mindfulness

"Mindfulness and Compassion for Healthy Relationships"

Embodied Awareness - Bodywork Teacher and Co Founder of Rosen Method Therapy and Training in the UK
Rosen Method Therapy and Training Ltd

"Harmonising the mind and body -  How to use ‘touch’ for physical and emotional well-being"

Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep Teacher
Charlie Morley

"Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep: a holistic approach to lucid dreaming"

Scholar and meditation master; authorised teacher of Vajrayana Buddhism
Dechen International Association of Buddhist Centres and Groups

"Discovering Wisdom and Compassion: The Path of Buddhist Meditation"

Mindfulness Trainer & Innovator
Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, London
Moon Karma Ltd

"Himalayan Singing Bowls for daily meditation practice"

Owner & Founder
Mantra Jewellery

"Find your Mantra"

Founder and Wellness Coach
The Life Fruit

"Where yoga and coaching connects"

Creativity & Empowerment Coach and Creator of the Practical Magic Activation Deck
Practical Magic Living

"Activating Your Inner Wisdom to Empower Your Life & Your Creativity"

Founder and Mindfulness Teacher
No More Shoulds

"Dissolving the 'should' mindset: using mindfulness to identify self-imposed pressure"

Therapist, Writer, Poet & Light Photographer
Body Solutions. Equi-K. Healing Poems.

"Love is not a Cortisol"

Sheffield Hallam

"Integrated mindfulness and physical activity for physical and mental health."

Mindset Coach and Mindfulness Teacher, Founder of Generation Mindful®
Generation Mindful®

"An Introduction to Mindfulness"

London Constellations

"Constellation Workshop for healing and understanding"

Qualified Sophrologist & Author
BeSophro Founder
Mindfulness-based Psychologist & Founder
Fresh Perception
Certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher – all round super star!!!!
Kind Mind Academy

"How  Do  You  Treat  a  Friend?"

pebble magazine

"The mindful approach to sustainable living"

Senior Yoga Teacher & Founder
Enchanted Wonders Ltd

"Elevating children’s creativity and self-expression through family yoga"

Mindfulness Teacher
London Centre for Mindfulness

"Prayer Flag Workshop"

Influencer & Public Speaker
Self Love Club
Energy Healer & Personal Development Mentor
Jung Shim