The Mindfulness App
Stand: E5

The Mindfulness App - Meditation for Everyone
A tool for reducing stress and increasing your presence in daily life
While teaching Mindfulness courses I noticed how difficult it was for the participants to remember to do the daily meditations included in the program. I gave all kinds of suggestions such as doing it when waking up, before eating or going to bed, I was not so successful. Then I came to think about a character in the Swedish cartoon series Bamse, the world’s strongest bear. His best friend is Shellman, an extremely wise tortoise who carries almost everything you can think of in his shell including a food-and-sleep-clock. This clock tells him exactly when to eat and when to sleep and Shellman never breaks his routines, even if it’s in the middle of an adventure.
So the idea came up to create a similar clock for Mindfulness. Besides offering an extensive number of meditations with world-renowned teachers, the app also includes a reminder function which can be activated on specific times and places. With the support of the app the practice is easily done in the midst of a busy life.

Stand Location: E5
United Kingdom