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BeSophro is leading London based Sophrology clinic and an online platform created by expert Sophrologist and author Dominique Antiglio. Sophrology is a simple and unique stress-management and self-development method based on a practice for body and mind. It blends Eastern philosophies with Western science using breathing, relaxation, gentle movement and visualisation techniques to bring balance and live up to your full potential. Dominique's best-selling book, "The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology" is the first widely published book on Sophrology in English and is now a leading authority on the subject. It has been instrumental in spreading the practice beyond continental Europe where Sophrology has been widely practised for decades in different settings including schools, hospitals and corporate environments to manage anxiety, beat insomnia and prepare for major events. BeSophro offers one-to-one sessions, group classes, retreats ,corporate and school workshops.

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