Rosen Method Training and Therapy
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Rosen Method is a somatic education for the mind body and can benefit a wide range of people interested in whole person well being. Courses teach attuned touch, dialogue and embodied awareness to address unconscious ‘holding' (back, in or down)  reflected in muscle tension allowing greater ease and sense of connection. Private sessions are available. 
There are over 14 Training Centres Internationally including the UK. See the Rosen Institute

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Rosen Method offers individuals or groups/organisations the possibility to develop their capacity to stay in Embodied Self Awareness (different from the conceptual mind) through workshops and personal 1:1 sessions.
• Explore a natural way to let go of unconscious emotional habits and physical postures
• Learn how to use gentle touch and words to address chronic muscle tension and mind generated blocks.
• Learn how touch can help to re-regulate the nervous system for improved physical and emotional well-being.
• Learn about the body-mind connection, staying present and developing Presence.
• Develop the capacity to access implicit memory from our embodied states of being.
• Experience Kindness through Touch – a non-verbal language that everyone can access and benefit from.
‘Our work addresses the holding back that we do, where we do not show ourselves, where we hold back feelings, where we hold back actions. Through listening to the truth of the body, it is possible to discover what we can do, who we can be, what we can experience, and how we can love.’
                                                                                                               Marion Rosen  - Founder
Rather than just wanting to ‘get rid’ of our aches, pains, and muscle tension - Rosen Method brings awareness to where we are limiting ourselves, capping our potential and sense of well being. Often tension creates habits we no longer ‘need’, and through relaxation coupled with awareness we can experience a different sense of being bringing new insights, feelings and sense of freedom and potential. Many people find Rosen Method is a way of staying present with themselves and see it as a form of preventative health care. Through relaxed awareness and the safety of the practitioner they can let go of chronic stress before it accumulates in their body mind and feel a sense of natural wellbeing and clarity.

Stand Location: G2