Stand: A3

Mind is an independent, user focused charity providing quality services to make a positive difference to the wellbeing and mental health of the people of the UK. The core services we provide are:
Advocacy - Helping you express your views and concerns, access information and services, explore choices and options, and defending and promoting your rights.
Welfare Rights and Debt Advice - Free, independent and impartial advice helping you with all aspects of benefits and debts.
Mindfulness - Free to access 8 week mindfulness courses for people with high stress levels or mental health issues and Mindfulness Practitioner Training (PTP) for mental health/social care professionals.
Training - We run rights and wellbeing courses for organisations and service users.

Testimonials for Mind 8 week Mindfulness Courses 2017;
“Absolutely fantastic, life changing. A must for all.”
“This course is an amazing step to managing stress better than you ever thought possible.”
“I feel I am on my road to recovery from here, much different to 8 weeks ago”
“Brilliant course – it’s helped me to look after myself and take control of my life, thank you!”
“Would highly recommend this course to anyone with stress or anxiety issues as it gives you really useful coping tools.”
“Mindfulness has helped me manage my worry-related anxiety no end”
“I would urge anyone to give it a go – it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s life-changing.”
“It has been great for my anxiety and stress – I’ve learned to be more kind to myself.”
“Has helped with managing many day-to-day issues that I’ve been struggling with for years.”
“I’ve definitely noticed feeling a lot calmer and more focused – I would recommend the course as a way of dealing with everyday stress and providing tools for life.”
“If practised regularly mindfulness changes lives.”
“I’ve noticed that when I’m stressed or angry it lasts for a much shorter period of time”
“mindfulness has dramatically improved my life”

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