Kinesiology Federation
Stand #: C8
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The Kinesiology Federation is a Professional Association that supports kinesiologists in the UK. We work to improve public and professional awareness of kinesiology and muscle response testing and to encourage high standards of practice in the profession.
Kinesiologists use muscle response testing to assess where your structural, emotional, chemical and nutritional systems are out of balance, and how to change this to re-establish balance and work toward your health and life goals.

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Kinesiology can help you to be mindful of what your body is trying to communicate to you. Whether you want help to improve your health or to achieve life goals, kinesiology can help you to find what stress is underlying the challenges you face in achieving this.

If you are healthy, muscle testing can help you to find any thoughts, beliefs, emotions and fears that are holding you back from achieving your goals. If you are experiencing symptoms of ill-health, it is just your body's way of showing that there is a level of stress that is causing it to go out of balance. The use of muscle response testing helps to indicate the underlying causes of the stress and by using simple corrective procedures, we are able to diffuse the stress, re-store balance to your systems and clear the path for you to move forward more easily toward your health or life goals.

Kinesiology offers you easy change in a complex world.

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