Thomas Moore, Via Video Link
Author of Care of the Soul & twenty-five other books on soul and spirituality

Thomas Moore is a New York Times Bestselling author.  A full-time writer, a psychotherapist and lecturer and workshop leader. He has been a monk and a university professor and has studied music composition intensively. He has  Ph.D. in Religious Studies, which he defines broadly, connecting it to the arts and to depth psychology. He works primarily in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology, having been a close friend and colleague of James Hillman. He often uses Greek mythology as his inspiration and recently has written about Jesus, separating him from the teachings of Christianity, and is now publishing four volumes of his translation of the Gospels from the original Greek. He is currently writing about the deeper meaning of psychotherapy and how it can be better practised in ordinary life by anyone.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 2nd February 2018

Time 16:00-16:30pm

"How to Age Joyfully"

Our world is failing to deal with a widespread obsession with youthfulness. We fear old age, and need to find ways to calm that anxiety before it blooms into a real disturbance.  Thomas looks at what it really means to age and ways of becoming more of a person over time.