Samantha Weerasinghe
Mindfulness Coach & Founder

SamMantra is a wellbeing and mindfulness practice based in Surrey founded by qualified mindfulness teacher, Sam Weerasinghe. Sam teaches mindfulness-based intervention courses and workshops to individuals and groups, in a public or workplace setting. Trained in the MBSR programme, SamMantra adheres to the good practice guidelines for mindfulness-based teachers in the UK.

Sam is passionate about helping to eliminate the growing disease of stress in society today. She manages a number of wellbeing programmes in Surrey, having established her practice from 2015. Sam teaches bespoke workshops and 8 week courses that blend creativity and everyday mindfulness practices together. She also runs regular mindful parenting courses, a mindful baby community programme for new mothers at the Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham, and mindfulness for health and stress management programmes in a number of wellbeing practices in Surrey, including the calm space at the ZH studio in Esher. In addition, she runs bespoke workshops for local charities and offers parent and teacher mindfulness sessions within schools. Sam is returning for another year at the Mindful Living Show after first presenting at the inaugural show in London in 2017.

SamMantra’s mission is simple: to offer wellbeing mindfulness programmes that allow individuals to consciously find their own sense of stillness in their lives; express their inner creativity; nurture their minds and bodies and learn to 'just be in the moment’.

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Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 14:40-15:10pm

"Mindfulness Through Our Senses"

‘Our senses are our windows to the world’ Thich Nhat Hanh.

When we tune into our senses it’s how we engage our outer world and when we tune into our breath it’s how we engage our inner world.

In this session SamMantra will guide you through a series of creative exercises to explore our sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. You will learn how by adding simple mindful living practices and breathwork to your daily life you can keep the human organism well nourished, balanced and resourced.