Russell Brand
Comedian, Podcaster, Author

Comedian, podcaster, author and addict: Russell Brand, joins the Mindful Living Show to explore the role that prayer and meditation have played in his life and recovery.

Russell says: “I have always lived in my mind. We all live in our minds and we have allowed them to become poorly tended. Meditation is the way of cultivating the environment in which I spend all of my time. When I am on a run with my dog I often totally ignore the beautiful views and the charming antics of my dog in favour of an inner drama of my own contrivance. I could be anywhere because I am not present. The state of mind we nurture in meditation begins to inform our whole lives, indeed that is the point. There’s little value in Om-ing away at a candle for ten minutes then getting up and bawling out a wayward bin man. Meditation is the cultivation of an ignored and latent aspect of yourself that will cradle you."

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 15th March 2019

Time 10.30am -11.10 am

Opening Keynote - "Meditate"

We are delighted to welcome actor, writer, comedian and meditator, Russell Brand to the Mindful Living Show.  Further information to follow .