Ruchika Sikri
Head of Well-being Learning and Sustainable Performance

Ruchika is passionate about developing a culture of mindfulness and compassion at work, leading a team that brings Well-being Learning Programs on Mindfulness, Compassion, Stress Management, Sustainable Performance to all employees at Google. With a Master of Science in Organization Development, a Bachelor of Commerce, Delhi University and Diploma in Software Engineering, Ruchika brings a wealth of knowledge on the topic of Well Being and building resilience.  Ruchika believes in meeting people where they are on their path to optimal well-being and sustainable high performance. She and her team focus on equipping & empowering Googlers with tools and practices to live fully, and perform sustainably.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 15th March 2019

Time 15:20-15:50pm

Cultivating a culture of Mindfulness and Compassion in Workplace

In an increasingly complex world, Mindfulness and Compassion skills have become pivotal for employee well-being, organizational success and the future of this world. Lets explore how these skills, or you may call it basic values, help us stay focused, clear and connected at work and beyond.