Robert Houston
Search Inside Yourself Facilitator

Rob came to Mindfulness from a place of Corporate Stress and Burnout. He discovered Mindfulness through the MBSR 8 week course and has never looked back. He found the impact of a daily Mindfulness practice greatly reduced his reactivity to stress and found his default level of happiness increasing. Rob has an open, down to earth and enthusiastic way of teaching Mindfulness and wishes to help people reduce stress and deal with the daily pressures that we all face in this busy life by incorporating Compassion, Kindness and Mindfulness into their lives. Rob works at Google and is a Facilitator of the Search Inside Yourself Program and a Mentor for new teachers of the program. He often gives Mindfulness sessions for individuals and teams throughout the Organisation. His experience and qualifications include:

Search Inside Yourself Facilitator

Mindfulness for stress and pain teacher training with Breathworks 

Co-facilitating Mindfulness Day Retreats at Guildford Meditation.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 15th March 2019

Time 15:20-15:50pm

"Cultivating a culture of Mindfulness and Compassion in Workplace"

In an increasingly complex world, Mindfulness and Compassion skills have become pivotal for employee well-being, organizational success and the future of this world. Lets explore how these skills, or you may call it basic values, help us stay focused, clear and connected at work and beyond.