Parham Vasaiely
Senior Manager Autonomous Driving
Jaguar Land Rover

Parham is Senior Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, responsible for the engineering of Autonomous Vehicles and Driverless Cars. Prior to this role he was the strategy manager for high priority and fast-to-market features. Before joining JLR, Parham worked at Airbus Group in Germany and in the UK, as well as a management consultant in Switzerland. In this role Parham also represents Jaguar Land Rover as Chair of the workplace group of the APPG Mindfulness Initiative. He leads the JLR Mindfulness Steering Group, which has successfully deployed Mindfulness into the JLR workplace, aiming to offer a range of courses and tools, accessible for employees and the senior leadership team, focusing on increased wellbeing, collaboration, creativity and productivity. This effort has recently received a pioneer’s award from the Government.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Time 13:00-13:45pm

"The Need for Mindful Leaders in Society"

Our panellists from the worlds of Politics, Business and Media discuss the impact of Mindful Leadership in their fields and the opportunities for positive change.