Nicholas Brandon, MSTAT
Spokesperson for STAT & Alexander Technique Teacher
The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)

Nicholas Brandon is an Alexander Technique teacher and a spokesperson for STAT with a busy private practice in central London.

Nicholas helps his clients and students rediscover their natural inherent poise, balance, presence, and freedom in movement, and self-expression.

The main reason his clients come to the Alexander Technique is for a lasting solution to long term unresolved back and neck pain. Through this subtle, yet powerful work, Nicholas has helped thousands of clients discover their true, natural authentic self, which allows them to pursue life’s challenges with ease, grace, freedom, full self-expression and peace of mind.

His whose vision is for humanity to live consciously, ethically, kindly and sustainably.

He has been in the health and well-being business for over 25yrs. which has given him access to some extraordinary people, knowledge and skills.

He loves to facilitate and teach groups and create the space for participants to re-discover their natural, poised, ease, freedom and self -expression and peace of mind. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people find meaning, purpose, connection and direction in their lives.