Mick Timpson
Architect, artist, teacher, yogi, social entrepreneur. CEO and founder of beanddo™ & The YogaLife Project

Mick has been practicing and teaching meditation and yoga for over 25 years. He is founder and CEO of beanddo™ and the YogaLife Project as well as an award winning architect, artist, teacher and writer.

The beanddo make happy work programme is designed to embed and expand the benefits of meditation practice into everyday life. Our programmes are designed to make happy work; to help develop modern meditation practice for the busy active person- which is just about all of us.

Mick says:

“As an architect the first part of my career involved empowering others  to design and shape their external world.  Now with beanddo I am empowering people to design and shape their internal world - to make inner changes and make happy work”.

The beanddo approach to making happy work is based on timeless meditation teaching summarised in the form of a modern algorithm;

happiness  = being + doing - interference

This is art and science of meditation to nurture inspired action.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 2nd February 2018

Time 14:00-14:30pm

"Open up to your creative flow"

Did you know that beneath those limiting thoughts of self-criticism and judgement is as an inner space of creativity, invention and intuition.

Join, architect, artist and senior yoga teacher Mick Timpson and discover how modern meditation techniques can help you reconnect with that inner space, nurture creative flow and open up to the art of spontaneous, inspired action.

This short session will involve an introduction to modern meditation and how it can be applied to creative action. The experience will include meditation based writing and drawing exercises. No previous creative experience is required. In fact that is the whole point. 

Join in and discover how to switch on your flow. All material provided.