Matt Daigu Farren
Awaking Body

I started my mindfulness and meditation practice as part of a daily practice to help allay my addiction to alcohol, drugs and anger.

I’ve been free from my primary addictions of alcohol and drugs since 1992 and now pass on my successes and mistakes in the way of self inquiry, somatic work and mindfulness.

I became lay ordained in the Zen Soto tradition in 1995, and was a contender for the World’s Angriest Buddhist for many years.

I‘m a Zen Teacher in the Rinzai Zen Tradition under guidance from Zen Master Julian Daizan Skinner at Zenways.

Becoming aware of the body and how past experiences and traumas are locked is has been key for me. Learning to listen to and engage with the body, through alignment and postural work, movement and sound resonance , untangle energetic blockages enabling the embodiment of insight to settle in.

Insight arising from meditative self inquiry shows how we can, with compassion and clear understanding, step off the wheel of acting out in addictive behaviour, allowing relaxed conscious awareness (mindfulness) to become our natural state of being.

I qualified to teach Zen Yoga and mindfulness to pass this on. Awakening isn’t the end - The Goal - this is the beginning of a lifetime’s process.

How we can help people in addiction, in a pooled sense of what works – together, seems to be important.

For each of us to fulfil our birthright and be the authentic version of ourselves does too.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 1st June 2018

Time 13:20-13:50pm

"Introduction to insight based conscious awareness for recovery."

Insight arising from awakening is the keystone for recovery. Somatic mindfulness, compassion and how we can work with already established support groups and programs whilst the process plays out.