Lisa Sanfilippo
Author, Sleep Recovery: yoga therapist and psychotherapist
Movement for Modern Life, Triyoga, Yogacampus

Lisa Sanfilippo is the author of Sleep Recovery (published by Bloomsbury/ Green Tree this year) and offers practical advice and simple yoga-based practices for everyone- to help you to sleep more deeply and easily, and wake up happier. She is a recovered insomniac who has tried, in her worst hours, every therapy, potion, pill and prop to help her sleep and found a truly sustainable and compassionate way to beat insomnia, and which she’s shared solutions with thousands of others since 2009, pioneering the Sleep Recovery movement. She’s a qualified psychotherapist, and a senior yoga teacher and teacher trainer at Triyoga, the UK’s premiere yoga studio, and trains yoga teachers and therapists in Sleep Recovery around the world, including with Yogacampus in London. Her videos can be found on Movement for Modern Life.

Mindful Living Show Presentation    

Saturday 7th March

Time 15.20 - 15.50

"Sleep Recovery Masterclass: 5 Steps to Deeper Sleep & Happier Days"

Solve your sleep problems. Learn simple steps to get to sleep, stay asleep and feel happier all day. Discover your sleep type and practical tools to repair your rest. All welcome.