Kate Forrester
Sophrologist and Creativity Coach
The Happy and Creative Life & The Sophrology Network

I was born in Versailles (France) in a bicultural and bilingual family with a French Dad and a British Mum but spent my childhood in Canada and in NYC.

Maybe all the travelling involved is the reason why I've been blessed with an insatiable curiosity for people ; I love meeting people and discovering what motivates them, what they dream about and what brings them joy.  

I always tell my clients that I used to worry all the time, about everything ( children, money...) until I understood that we are the creators of our life.  With the help of tools such as sophrology , we can really empower ourselves.

Now I go through life with a childlike sense of wonder and fun. Last but not least, I believe in the power of hugs and laughter.


For 35 years, I happily worked as a drama teacher and coach and, quite naturally taught my students about breathing & body awareness, about managing stress and emotions. 

To improve my teaching, I studied Meditation , became a Laughter Yoga coach and a sophrologist.

I organized stress management workshops -  based on sophrology exercises- to the public at large and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback I got. It was deeply humbling and very gratifying to see how impactful these exercises were.   

I felt then I had really found my vocation : I had been a very happy drama teacher and would now become an even happier Sophrologist! 

My forte is how I link sophrology and creativity. So whether you are an artist, a writer, a journalist , a publicist, or work in any field that is based on your creative talent, I can help you overcome any creative blocks. and boost your natural talent. To find out more about my work, please visit my website: thehappyandcreativelife.com

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Time; 11:20-11:50am

"Feeling under stress? Get your ya-ya's out with Sophrology!"

After a quick body scan and a tension-release exercise, we will concentrate on our breathing and go through a few exercises of Dynamic Relaxation, a speciality of sophrology - to find inner calm and feel more confident.