Jonathan Wilkinson
Noble Leaf

Noble Leaf was created by Jonathan, Chris and Gen who met at University. Although their careers took them on different paths, they each discovered mindfulness as a journey towards greater fulfilment and ease in their lives. Chris has always had a passion for high quality tea and his steaming cup of green was a welcomed respite from a sixty hour working week. Jonathan found that mindfulness was the key to unlocking a deeper relationship within himself on his path of personal growth. Gen discovered that simple mindfulness practices helped bring calm to her frantic day looking after her young children while being a work at home mum.

Together, they are on a mission to build a conscious company that helps humanity return to wholeness through the world’s finest tea leaves. Join us at The Mindful Living Show to learn more about our journey and how we’re bringing mindfulness into the mainstream. Slow down and smile. Take time every day to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  Enjoy the finest whole leaf tea with mindful intention. The past has gone, the future isn’t here, so indulge in the present. Reconnect to a place of natural peace, wisdom and joy.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 1st June 2018

Time 13:20-13:50pm


Saturday 2nd June 2018

Time 16:00-16:30pm

"Tea Meditation: A morning ritual that will change your life"

Tea meditation has been used for centuries to slow down, savour and focus on the now. Join us as we rediscover the art of exquisite tea with mindful intention.