Jo Stroud
Mantra Jewellery

Jo Stroud is the Founder of Mantra Jewellery, a brand of meaningful jewellery designed to inspire and uplift.
Jo believes that the power of a mantra to inspire is undeniable. An uplifting word or phrase, caught sight of or remembered through a busy day or during tough times, is enough to remind us to stay strong, be positive and believe in the best. Mantras build mental strength, reinforce self-belief, and remind us how powerful we are.
A reluctant runner and hill walker, Jo first started using mantras to keep herself motivated when running. But she increasingly finds them useful in everyday life, having collected quotes and sayings since she was an English student, and now regularly writes about the 7 mantras she lives by, and the power of mantras.
Jo also founded and owns Fabulous, a retailer of designer jewellery, with 3 shops and an ecommerce website, which she set up in 2005 and is now a multi-million pound turnover business. She is passionate about jewellery, and believes it too can change the way you feel. Before establishing her jewellery business, Jo worked in the book industry for many years, following a degree in English Literature. She has a deep love of words, and an understanding of their power. Mantra Jewellery combines two of Jo's passions - words, and jewellery.
Jo now has a 25 year business career behind her; is in the Hot 100 in the jewellery industry, and has twice been shortlisted for the Vitalise Businesswoman of the Year. Jo also works closely with SmartWorks, through a partnership with Mantra Jewellery, a charity helping women get back into work; where positivity and self-confidence are key.

Mindful Living Show Presentation
Saturday 3rd June
Session Title: Find your Mantra