Jo Howarth
The Happiness Lady
The Happiness Club

Jo Howarth runs a company called The Happiness Club, her job is to teach people how to be happy and she loves it. She is married to Trev and has two beautiful daughters.

The Happiness Club ( is a monthly membership club where members receive a daily tool, tip or technique directly from Jo to help them with their personal development, to see the good things in life and leave the negative stuff behind.

She also works with corporate and private sector organisations that are committed to changing the way their employees feel and therefore work. She also works within schools to teach students techniques to develop their own resilience to stress and believes this should be as important as learning your ABCs.

Jo published two books in 2016 and officially became an author! Glad To Be Dan, written with children’s author Jude Lennon and illustrated by Jo’s husband Trev, is a mindfulness book for children. Get Happy! is her book for grown ups and is a compilation of the daily thoughts from her Happiness Club.

With over 20 years of studying mindfulness and hypnotherapy, Jo believes it is a simple choice – that everyone can choose happiness every day. Jo’s mission is to teach people the tools and techniques that will set them on the path of happiness, whatever their definition may be.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Time 15:20-15:50pm

“How a Happiness Practice Prepares You For Adversity.”

A look at the practices and techniques which can bring happiness to your life and provide an inner resilience for life’s journey.