Jo Bentley
Mindfulness Teacher & Trainer
Mindful Outlook

Jo Bentley has been teaching mindfulness to adults and teenagers for the last 6 years. She came to mindfulness 15 years ago as an innovative treatment for ill health, amazed at the transformative qualities of mindfulness she then studied at Bangor University to teach adult models of mindfulness, (MBSR and MBCT). After working with families Jo was invited to train to deliver the .B model of mindfulness in schools and over the last 6 years has both taught and trained others in these models.

Jo works with teenagers in a variety of settings, in and out of school and has worked in the state and private sector.  5 years ago Jo was invited to devise a programme for Headstart to deliver mindfulness across primary and secondary schools in Cumbria which involved training teachers and working in schools and delivers ongoing support to teachers.

She has also sat on an advisory panel for The Royal College of Psychiatrists on improving access to mental health services to young people and has worked with CAMHS on improving support and information for parents/carers who are responsible for young people with mental health issues.

Jo's work has been featured on BBC TV and Radio and she also regularly teaches in the USA. 

Based in the north west, Jo and Janet Bloor of Mindful Outlook offer courses and one to one training to business, charities, the NHS, schools and public sector organisations.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Time 14:00-4:30pm

"Mindfulness for teens, why it matters, tips and techniques"

During this session Jo will talk about teaching teenagers mindfulness, in and out of school settings, why teenagers need these techniques more than ever, and will demonstrates some simple techniques which can use to support teenagers.