Jamie Bristow
The Mindfulness Initiative

Jamie Bristow is director of The Mindfulness Initiative, a policy institute that provides the secretariat to the UK AllĀ­-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness. He helped politicians to conduct a 12-month inquiry into how mindfulness could be incorporated into British services and institutions and was a lead researcher on the resulting report, Mindful Nation UK. Jamie is also a mindfulness teacher and consultant. Jamie was formerly Business Development Director at Headspace, an advertising executive and a global brand director.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 2nd February 2018

Time 14:00-14:30pm

"Mindfulness and Politics - A Kinder Approach to Political Dialogue"

Something quite extraordinary happened in the UK House of Commons on October 17th 2017; 40 politicians from 14 countries sat together in silence practicing mindfulness.  Hear more of the growing international network of politicians working to make mindfulness a matter of public policy whilst encouraging deep co-operation in the political space.