Jackie Coventry
Founder & Practitioner of Mindfulness
Sky Garden Retreat

Jackie Coventry is a passionate advocate of Mindfulness, having discovered it several years ago whilst looking for ways to manage her fibromyalgia - a chronic pain condition. She is also an amputee since birth and has great empathy for people who have struggled with pain, disability and loss.

She trained as a registered nurse eventually specialising in infertility when she worked as a senior sister in an assisted conception unit. Jackie then trained as a couples counsellor with Relate, specialising in domestic violence. She went on to work with families and young people with the youth offending team and family group conferences. This new career chapter comes after obtaining a teaching qualification from The University of Bangor.

Jackie wants to introduce mindfulness to a wide range of people, to help manage stress, pain, mental health conditions, and also simply to boost happiness.

The Sky Garden Hampshire retreat setting is a unique and beautiful space with wonderful views of the chalk pit. The interior is warm, welcoming, and a stylish mix of Morocco and Asia, which reflects Jackie's love of travel style and colour. The Moroccan retreat currently takes place in a small hotel but is soon to move to its own exclusive Riad which will be the perfect place to relax and escape.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Time 16:00-16:30pm

"Discover mindfulness and apply it to your everyday life"

Take a break in the day to discover how mindfulness can connect you to your present and help you be the very best version of yourself.