Huw Griffiths
Mindfulness 'Nothing on Purpose' Practitioner

Huw Griffiths Lic Ac has over 30 years in practice working within the field of mind body health.

An experienced mindfulness teacher Huw delivers Meditation and (MBSR) mindfulness based stress reduction courses to individuals, groups in the UK.

Huw,s unique approach to body mind health has helped many people to connect to their innate ability to be well and to bring positive change to their life. Through his work the insight gained into The impact on the body - mind of today’s demanding lifestyles. Many symptoms of stress related illness, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and unhappiness at work and at home. The prevalence of these problems led Huw to focus more specifically on the alleviation of this type of condition by looking at the root cause of the problem and helping people to bring health and well being to the core of their lives.

Emphasise is placed on the importance of addressing the underlying cause of disease, not just the outward manifestation of symptoms. In this way the body/mind works naturally to balance and heal itself.

Mindfulness Experience

Huw has for the past 5years organised and led the MBSR 8 Week Course in Bath, Bristol and Reading. Reaching out to over 1000 participants. Please see

Huw has also led the 8 week course for parents and teachers in Clifton College Bristol and King Edwards school, Bath . He has also given introductory lectures to Kingswood school, Bath, and Sheldon school, Chippenham

Huw has also delivered a series of Mindfulness introductory talks to DEFRA, Bank of Ireland, ATOS, HEALP and The Moorfield Group.

At present Huw, as director of Mindfulness Health Ltd has produced the mindfulness App, Calm Mind, which is an aid to mindfulness breathing together with an online 8 week course.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Time 11:20-11:50am

"Practical Mindfulness  Session for Men (all welcome) to  venture 'home' with Insight and clarity."

This clear and direct route is designed to increase your ability to not only cope better with the 'in tray' of life, but simultaneously to succeed in all you put your mind to. With happiness and gentleness, and purpose.