Hope Bastine
Mindfulness-based Psychologist & Founder
Fresh Perception

Hope is a game changing psychologist. As a barefoot child of India, she understands the compass of cultural diversity. Born on the foot of the Pyrenees, raised in India, and consolidated her education in Europe - she is a Third Culture Kid. But what has been her constant in the face of an ever-changing environment is her spiritual practice.

In her late teens, Hope joined up with the Red Cross and went to war-torn Bosnia. This experience opened her eyes to the psychological impact of trauma which motivated her to help people in a meaningful, long-lasting way.  She went on to train in Neuroscience and Psychology at Westminster University, Hope went on to teach psychology for five years with a PGCE from St Mary's University College. Following this, she earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy where she discovered how Mindfulness can cure insomnia. She began her counseling psychotherapy training with a foundation diploma from The Metanoia Institute which provided her with the opportunity to worked as a CBT specialist on the IAPT service at the South London and Maudsley (SLAM) NHS for over two years before founding wellbeing company, Fresh Perception.

She is a Mental Health Foundation certified Mindfulness Cognitive Trainer who studied with Dr. P Collard and Jason Crandell. In her transformational approach, she incorporates positive psychology, yoga, and mindfulness-based concepts in her work and passionate about developing good research to back up her practice. She has specialized in insomnia and trauma recovery research with an MSc in Applied Mental Health Research at King's College London. She is currently researching her PhD in Human Flourishing at the University of Nottingham supervised by Prof. Stephen Joseph. 

She works as a sleep psychology consultant for Simba Sleep and leads mindfulness and welbeing workshops across Europe. She is an event guest speaker (JAN and HR HiBoB) and a sought-after lifestyle psychology expert contributor to leading publications such as Psychologies Magazine, PR Week,  The Telegraph, Mi Business Mag,  The Sun, Economic Times, Cosmopolitan, The Express, Yahoo Style, Spectator Life, Vogue,  Smooth Radio, Workspace, Metro, The Debrief,  and DOSE, to name a few.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 12:40-13:10pm

"Supercharging Authenticity"

Discover how to hack your inner character strengths and virtues with mindfulness skills and techniques to cultivate the better angels of your nature.