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Therapist, Writer, Poet & Light Photographer
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Francess – Healing Poems - with 30 years studying and  working with the healing arts as a Holistic Therapist, Francess identifies emotional links between mind, body and spirit and explores boundaries of love and fear physiologically and emotionally for healing Love.

After the technique of muscle testing was challenged as a form of divination,  Francess spent many years studying scripture and healing  knowing that professional muscle testing did none of those things accused. Having great faith in a God of Love who fulfils His promises - Francess studied scripture for the healing message of how pain will be removed and set out to find why Jesus Christ was and is the greatest healer of all time. Some interesting and conclusive answers have resulted in Francess writing poetry weaving anatomy, physiology and spirituality  for consciousness and mindfulness of the Oneness of Love in all and making an analysis of the healing properties of the gemstones cited in the book of Revelation.

“I found if we apply quantum physics to our bodies and scripture, as in the laws of energy and vibration with electrical flows of positive and negative as states of consciousness as well as conductive magnetic forces for movement of energy, then the scriptures and all great teachings make perfect sense for resonating with Peace and Love for healing.  When we can understand how energy works in our body as frequencies of emotion then as Einstein said E really does = MC²”. 

From the stars to the star fish and Genesis to Revelation her work addresses all in between to inspire love and kindness for a healing for ‘All Nations’ for happiness, Love, Joy, Faith, Long Suffering with Patience, Goodness, Mildness, Kindness with Self Control for Peace through One Love made whole in us for all to share in Love of our common humanity here on Earth.  When we can overcome hurts and pains and fears with confidence, trust and compassionate Love only then can we attain to Peace with in and Peace with out for healing to occur for ‘All Nations’ as promised in scripture for paradise to be restored to Earth for us all to share freely. 

We thank Francess for sharing her beautiful healing poem with us:

Peace One Day
How far away is peace one day?
One day then two makes life better for you…
and me…then, we can have three…then maybe four
for more to live and to Love in harmony.
With self and with others harmonious Love
for harmony with nature and peace from above.
The planets and moon mean peace very soon
so please do tune to the peace of Love that
excels all thought and makes home for a dove.
Have faith that the good will conquer the evil
and that Love can conquer the fear
it is so very near and clear that when Love conquers all
man can walk tall.
With Love there’s no fear, only things we hold dear
no need to conquer or blame one another
then we can be, a true community
with man united by the peace of Love
that is home for a dove.
Yeh,  Peace everyday is not far away.


Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 15:20-15:50pm

"Love is not a Cortisol" 

Drawing on scripture, prophecy and energy healing Francess explores the physiology of Love in mind, body and spirit and explores how Love can heal in accord with faith.