Fiorenza Rossini
Mindset Coach and Mindfulness Teacher, Founder of Generation Mindful®
Generation Mindful®

Fiorenza helps high-achieving and busy professionals achieve their goals and develop their potential. She is passionate about helping you create a better work-life balance, a positive mindset, and more confidence – with less stress.

Fiorenza is a true advocate of mindfulness and living in the present moment. She acknowledges the fact that our modern society pushes us to be human doings as opposed to human beings and she constantly invites you to rediscover daily habits and tasks in a mindful way. 

She is also a strong believer in the benefits of mindful living and mindful leadership - she is the founder of Generation Mindful® which provides mindful coaching services and bespoke mindfulness workshops to organisations and individuals.

Fiorenza has trained with Mindfulness Now and teaches mindfulness to both beginners and experienced practitioners wishing to deepen their practice.

Fiorenza is also a Co-Active trained coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Fiorenza also writes for Thrive Global and the Mental Health Movement UK Magazine.

Mindful Living Show Presentation 1

Friday 15th March 2019

Time 12:40-13:10pm

"Mindfulness and Mindful Living 101"

Imagine you could relax, let go of the pressure of a never-ending workload that creeps into every corner of your life.

Imagine you could detach yourself from the endless responsibilities that put you on an emotional rollercoaster you don’t want to be on. 

Imagine you could focus on this delightfully crisp breeze on your skin, for just one minute.

How would this feel? 

During this presentation, you’ll get bite size practical tips to start your mindfulness journey so you can get started straight away and discover how mindful living can positively shift your life.

Mindful Living Show Presentation 2

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 12:00-12:30

"Mindfulness Facts and How you can Start your Mindfulness Journey Straight Away, with Ease"

In our frantic world, our mind is often scattered, worries keep piling up and everything can feel out of control. Stress and responsibilities can drive our life, making you feel even more stressed and anxious.

Mindfulness is a evidence-based tool (and way of living!) that will help you feel naturally balanced, settled, and in control.

I will share some facts and easy ways to get started with your mindfulness practice, straight away, easy peasy.