Ed Halliwell
Teacher, Speaker & Author
Mindfulness Sussex & Mindfulness London

Ed Halliwell is one of the UK's best known teachers, speakers and authors on the subject of Mindfulness; a director of Mindfulness Sussex and Mindfulness London, he is also an advisor to the Mindfulness Initiative, which is working with the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group to develop mindfulness based politics in he UK.

His career started in journalism including titles such as Time Out, the Independent On Sunday, Elle, the Observer and FHM (where he was deputy editor). Informed by experiences of depression and anxiety in the early 2000's, he started writing about health and well-being and studied counselling and psychotherapy.  He also began researching and writing reports for the Mental Health Foundation, including the Be Mindful Report, published in 2010, which called for increased availability of mindfulness-based approaches in the NHS.

He began practising mindfulness meditation in 2001 and now teaches mindfulness full time.  He runs workshops, retreats and courses in London, Sussex and Surrey, and also speaks at festivals, conferences and other events as well as teaching mindfulness in organisations.  He regularly contributes to a range of written and broadcast media, most often The Guardian and Mindful magazine, and he is the author of three books, 'Into the Heart of Mindfulness', 'Mindfulness: How to live Well By Paying Attention' and 'The Mindfulness Manifesto.

Mindful Living Show Presentation
Friday 2nd Feb
Session Title: Into the Heart of Mindfulness

Alongside scientific evidence and public interest in mindfulness, there has also been misunderstanding and hype. Ed Halliwell dispels some myths by taking us 'into the heart of mindfulness', sharing his experience of how practice can help in difficult times, as a sustained way of working with the challenges of life.  He will offer grounded and practical ways we can be more appreciative of the joys - and cope better with life's stresses.  Also exploring how it can help us create a more compassionate and contented society.