Dr Bernadette Dancy
Health Coach and Co-Founder of RunWell

Bernadette Dancy (www.bernadettedancy.co.uk) is a keen runner and Health and Exercise Coach who specialises in helping people improve their health using lifestyle changes. A mother of young boys, Bernadette understands what it is like to balance running and family life. As such her passion is to help other people do the same. With over 15 years' experience as a Senior Lecturer in Health and Exercise Science, a PhD in Sport Psychology, a Master's degree in Preventive Cardiology and professional qualifications in Personal Training and Exercise Referral, Bernadette is uniquely equipped to help people make changes to their physical AND mental health that are for the long term.

In 2018 Bernadette joined forces with running coach, Karen Weir (www.runwithkaren.co.uk) and  Emma Heald runner and Yoga teacher (www.emyoga.co.uk) to co-create RunWell. RunWell is a driven by their shared passion for health, wellbeing and frustration that running as become a performance driven pastime focussed on mileage, pbs and even running until burnout or injured.

At RunWell our philosophy is to educate and inspire endurance runners on the importance of balancing life and training stress, therefore enabling them to maximise their performance and love of their sport. We really want people to RunWell AND FeelWell. To achieve this we deliver workshops that help runners to;

•        identify and manage stress

•        prevent overtraining and burnout

•        build physical and mental resilience

•        reduce injury and illness risk

•        prolong health, happiness and fitness

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 15th March 2019

Time 12:40-13:10pm

"RunWell, FeelWell: The Importance of Running Mindfully"

Running is a great way to manage our health, but it is essential that we run mindfully in order to feel healthy, prevent injury, illness and burnout.