David Gibson
Sleep Expert

After Graduating from Reading University with a degree in Food Science and Food Economics in 1980 I ended up working in marketing and advertising, before selling my home to train to pay for my training in Osteopathy and Naturopathy 20 years ago.

During my time in the health industry I have worked with the BBC as their Osteopath on Strictly Come Dancing, and added training in Cranial Osteopathy, Dry Needling Acupuncture and qualified as a Hypnotherapist in 2015 at the Marisa Peer School. I now run a successful practice in Hypnotherapy, Naturopathy and Osteopathy in North West London where I treat a wide variety of conditions including helping sort sleep problems in the young and old alike.

In terms of ‘sleep therapy ‘ I offer a bespoke sleep advice service that is built on selecting specific lifestyle changes and adding relaxation techniques combined with hypnotherapy, which I have successfully honed into an effective support and treatment for those seeking solutions for insomnia and sleep problems.

Having worked with Warren Evans Beds as their sleep expert, and alongside Premier Inn helping to launch their Sleep Audio Tape, and Mind Candy to launch Moshi Twilight, my work with sleep has continued through my sleep blog, thesleepsite.co.uk.

My sleep tips and advice have been featured in the Mirror and Sun online, the Sun, Mirror, Sunday People, Metro, Good Housekeeping, as well as the home pages of Yahoo and Mums.net and a host of other media, as well as BBC, Talk and local radio.

Sleep Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 13:20-13:50pm

"Teaching Children How To Sleep – For families and Education"

With our children’s lives filled with more technology than ever before it seems that it has become even harder to persuade children of any age to go bed on time. Sleep expert Dave Gibson founder of the thesleepsite.co.uk is here to help.

Dave talks us through his practical tips on how to encourage children of any age to want to get to bed on time, by bringing the world of sleep alive. Amongst others, he covers good sleep hygiene and boundary setting; overcoming the jealousy created by older siblings going to bed later and new additions to the family; how to cope with nightmares and night terrors, and how to inform our children all about the health benefits of sleep engaging them in the process and making sleep more exciting and interesting. There are tips for parents of toddles, primary school children and teens alike with a host of techniques and relaxation exercises to help get things settled quickly.