Dave Hembrough
Sheffield Hallam

Dave Hembrough is a sport scientist and a ‘strength and conditioning’ coach at the Centre for Sport and Exercise Science (CSES), Sheffield Hallam. He has coached world champions, Olympians and commonwealth medallists but now prefers to help real people with real issues rather than helping people to run faster and jump higher. Dave achieves this through ‘Hallam Barbell Club’, an award winning community strength training and weightlifting club based in Sheffield that runs several physical activity, health and wellbeing initiatives, including MindfullySTRONG.

MindfullySTRONG is a programme that helps people become physically and mentally healthier, happier and stronger. Physical health and mental health are closely linked. People who are physically active are 30% less likely to experience mental health issues and exercise is a highly effective treatment for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. The purpose of the MindfullySTRONG programme is to provide a comfortable environment for people to come together to explore movement and physical training for fitness, health and wellness in addition to learning about mindfulness and benefit from regular practice.

MindfullySTRONG integrates mindfulness and physical training in a unique way. The programme is delivered in 90 minutes sessions which run in 10 week blocks throughout the year. Each MindfullySTRONG has 3 sections:

Finding Focus: A 20 minute classroom session where we introduce a weekly theme or topic which includes a theory or aspect of mindfulness and some discussion. We also include some ‘mindful movement’ as a warm up activity.

Feeling Physical: 40 minutes of physical activity consisting of cardio-vascular exercise and strength training. We exercise to classical music and work in a way that allows participants to enjoy exercise and invest in their physical health and strength. Activities are instructor led and suitable for a range of abilities including those who haven’t exercised previously. We encourage people to explore movement and activity and to work out in a way that makes them feel great and ‘gives them energy’ rather than takes it away. This is coherent with the mindful principles of self-compassion and loving kindness.

Finishing Flourish: A 15-20 minute guided meditation which is in line with the weekly theme.

As a coach Dave uses a number of techniques when working with individuals and groups to support and challenge them in the right way to get the best out of them. MindfullySTRONG incorporates a variety of these approaches to provide a great physical and mental experience that helps people to be MindfullySTRONGer.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 12:40-13:10pm

"Integrated mindfulness and physical activity for physical and mental health."

The MindfullySTRONG training approach provides an integrated mindfulness and physical activity experience in a traditional gym environment. Come and learn about how MindfullySTRONG breaks the stigma and stereotypes of physical training and works to show people that physical activity can be nurturing and pleasant with a focus on self-care and acceptance.