Dana Zelicha
Founder & CEO
OWBA by Dana Zelicha - Organisational Well Being Agency

Dana Zelicha is an organisational psychologist, a world-renowned mindfulness lecturer and the founder of OWBA - a mindfulness consultancy which is endorsed by the London School of Economics (LSE). In the last 7 years Dana has worked with top executives and employees from organisations such as KPMG, Citibank, McKinsey, Dropbox, Zara on how to be more effective, fulfilled and happy at work - please see Bee Mindful video which clearly demonstrates her vision. Dana is also a member of the Global Mindfulness Consultation Group of the British Parliament in efforts of embedding Mindfulness into wider society.

After being a high-flyer herself and experiencing the difficulties involved, Dana specialises in developing practical and innovative mindfulness tools for professional in disruptive and fast-paced environments, and offers 1-hour sessions to 6-week programmes as well as 1:1 executive coaching. Dana’s unique Mindfulness programmes and resources have been developed through extensive academic research and field testing, and have been proven to improve employee wellbeing, leadership skills of senior management and overall team productivity. 

As a leading specialist in the field, Dana’s contributed to numerous titles such as the Daily Mail, Health & Fitness, HR Zone and and HR News. Dana holds MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology from the LSE, including a Thesis, as well as MBA from the IDC Herzliya, including an Executives Program from Wharton. To arrange an informal conversation with Dana, please email - info@wellbeingagency.com.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Friday 15th March 2019

Time 14:40-15:10pm

Mindfulness at Work – Innovation and Cooperation –  Diversity and Inclusion

In this unique Q&A session, Dana Zelicha and Lord Andrew Stone will discuss how Mindfulness can enhance the mindset of individuals, build a diverse and inclusive work environment and co-create innovations that work.