Dan Peppiatt
Yoga Like Water – Functional Breathwork

‘The search for happiness is a completely personal process for each individual and we can touch it in every moment of our lives, not just on a rectangular rubber mat or seated with our legs crossed and eyes closed’ - that is Dans’ philosophy and like his way of sharing, it is a simple one. He believes that you can’t teach these precious things, you might happen to be a step on someone elses journey, the encounter may even help them to discover their own perfectly organic way of practicing, but ultimately it is their path to walk, something that he calls ‘Yoga Like Water’. With adventures at medical school; as a science teacher; pyrotechnic installation artist; renovating ancient farmhouses in France; raising and home educating his two daughters on a canal boat just to name a few, he has certainly ignored any imaginary ‘rules’ that society might have. Dan has always tried to live his 'spiritual practice' experientially, something he began by exploring the debilitating anxiety that originally brought him to it as a teenager; you are more likely to find him surfing, kitesurfing or hanging from a rock face than staring at a candle. He spreads this philosophy through his unique Yoga Like Water courses, with immersive weekends and retreats for body, breath, mind and beyond based explorations. Without students, the 'friends' that attend are encouraged to discover the answers for themselves. After three years of trying to write the most concise book possible, based upon 25 years of his own explorations and discoveries, he has recently completed 'Less' in all its tiny glory!

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 7th March 2020

Time 14.40 -15.10

"The True Gift of Breath: Dissolving Ignorance Through Awareness"

Uncover the most precious gift of breath, peaceful happiness. It's the simplest of tools, right in front of our eyes, simply hidden by years of conditioning and ignorance.