Boyan Milouchev
Non-duality Life Coach

If I was to pinpoint a year in which my spiritual journey began, it would be 2011, when I was 20. Having grown up in 4 different countries - Bulgaria, France, Belgium, and the UK, and interacting in three languages (Bulgarian, French, and English), I felt that I had a very different personality in all these languages. In english in particular, I felt really shy and insecure, and couldn't be fully myself when talking with my fellow Bachelor degree classmates. I was also doing Thai boxing at the time, and my teacher introduced me to the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). A couple of years later - having explored and practiced several modalities (see below) - I had my first insight into the nature of life (2014). That insight changed the way I perceive myself, the work I came here to do, and the way I see the world. It took me five more years to fully understand & live it.

When we look to our experience - without the superimposed layers of belief - it turns out that there is no 'I' that is separate from the rest of the world. I am Awareness - the space within which all thoughts, sensations, conversations & relationships, and objects appear and disappear. And nothing - no thing - can affect this open and loving space of Awareness.

Explored modalities: NLP, the Principles behind Clarity, Magic, The Work of Byron Katie, the Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, Non-Duality, among others

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 7th March 2020

Time 13:20-13:50

"Life Beyond Belief"

What is the answer to the question 'Who am I?', beyond what I believe myself to be? What is our actual experience of life, beyond what we believe it to be?