Annabelle Apsion
Embodied Awareness - Bodywork Teacher and Co Founder of Rosen Method Therapy and Training in the UK
Rosen Method Therapy and Training Ltd

Annabelle is a well known television actress featuring in many much loved programmes such as Call the Midwife and Shameless.

Actors have to transform their interior and exterior selves when they play a role. They often see their bodies as their ‘instrument’ because they learn how to both contain and express emotions and experiences through body language.  It was Annabelle’s interest in understanding some of the practical and esoteric aspects of being human (and living in a ‘body’); that lead Annabelle to attend a Rosen course where she volunteered to be demonstrated on. That experience was so fascinating she went on to attend courses all over the world including with Marion Rosen. Annabelle went on to co found Rosen Method training and personal development workshops in the UK.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 11:20-11:50am

"Harmonising the mind and body -  How to use ‘touch’ for physical and emotional well-being"

Kind touch is a natural antidote to stress and pain that many of us instinctually practice.  However we never really get to explore or learn about the power of respectful touch because of different cultural attitudes we’ve inherited, and in order to stay safe in unsafe circumstances.  Safe kind reassuring touch has become unfamiliar, often even frightening. Many of us even feel ‘out of touch’ with ourselves on some level. Rosen is a talk and touch method for reminding us who we really are and how we really feel so that we can listen to and let go of unconscious tensions that have developed over time. This makes way for new feelings and sense of being - ‘embodied awareness'.