Anna Parker-Naples
Inspiring Mummy Club

Anna is a Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and Founder of international award-winning self-development organisation Inspiring Mummy Club (at the 2017 Inspiration Awards for Women, other winners included Adele, Rio Ferdinand, Penny Lancaster and Holly Willoughby), a unique self-help online hub for mums who want to reclaim some time and space for themselves. She is host of popular podcast Inspiring Mummy Club, sharing mothers stories from around the world. Anna has been nominated as the most ‘Up and Coming Inspirational Influencer’ at the world’s premier event for Personal Development, The Best You Awards 2018.

Mindfulness, meditation, life-coaching, hypnosis & NLP techniques are incorporated into the membership programme, together with the support of other likeminded women on their own development journeys. Providing support and encouragement, Inspiring Mummy Club serves to help relieve stress, boost confidence & self-esteem, and motivate mums to acknowledge and look after their own needs.

Anna's personal story is inspiring. Seven years ago during a difficult pregnancy, Anna was in a wheelchair, fearing she may never walk again. After deciding that wasn’t the future she wanted, and embracing a change in her mindset, thinking and behaviours, Anna turned her life around. She is now a multi-award winning Voice Actor, with a career that sees her walking the red carpets in Hollywood, Chicago, New York and London (fully recovered, and in an awesome pair of heels).

A desire to help other people realise the choices they have in life led to Anna training as a Life Coach, Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and in mindfulness and meditation. She’s passionate about inspiring and motivating other mums to take time out to balance themselves and prevent overwhelm, and mindfulness is a perfect practice to enable them to do so.

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Mindful Living Show Presentation 

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Time 14:00-14:30pm

"Practical mindfulness for parents"

In the busy world of parenting, finding time for yourself can be a challenge. We show you how you can make time for you, and use Mindfulness to be calmer, less stressed and more engaged with your children.