Andy Hobson
Meditation Teacher
Mindfulness For All

Andy has been meditating for over 16 years and has been teaching mindfulness to groups and individuals for 8 years. He trained to be a mindfulness teacher at the Centre for Mindfulness, Research and Practice at Bangor University, UK - an international centre for excellence in mindfulness training. Andy also teaches mindfulness and mentors children in a primary school in London. He has a Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills from the BACP approved Manor House Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy and an Intermediate Diploma in Therapeutic Communications with Children from the London Metropolitan University.

Before becoming a mindfulness teacher, Andy worked as a professional drummer and has toured the world playing in a number of successful bands. It was during this time that he began to study Buddhism and explored a more spiritual path. Andy now brings his two main passions, mindfulness teaching and music, together with his guided meditations. He has released two successful albums, Revive and Awaken and Everyday Meditations. Both albums are aimed at helping people to bring mindfulness into their everyday lives and to deepen their meditation practice. Andy composes and records all the background music for his guided meditations (resisting the urge to put drums all over them!). Andy’s goal is to make meditation simple, meaningful and accessible to everyone.