Amy Murphy-Watts
Founder of Nature's Wish
Nature's Wish

Amy began working with flower essences when she first became a mum, and saw the benefits they brought to her two small children. This sparked an interest and she then trained with the Bach Centre to become a Bach Flower Essence Therapist. Amy is a creative, having done a degree in Fine Art, and worked for ten years as a photographer. So when an opportunity arose to learn how to make essences, she jumped at it and so began Nature's Wish.

Over time she made flower, crystal and tree essences of her own, which she now uses in her range of combination essences. Amy grows her own plants for the essences, or collects them on walks locally. She has also created a range of natural and organic beauty products, the Balance Face Oil won an award last year with the Natural Health and Beauty awards. All her body and facial products contain essences, creating different ways to get them into our energetic system.

Amy is passionate about essences, and encourages people to learn how to tune into themselves, to connect and see where they are emotionally at that time. And then to choose the essence they need.

She frequently holds talks about her essences and is a regular visitor to lecture at Grayshott Spa, where her products are stocked. She also runs workshops for you to learn in greater depth about essences and how to select and use them. There are now many therapists using Nature's Wish essences across the country, incorporating them into their practices.

She is currently working on a range of herbal tea blends to compliment the range of essences, exciting times!

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Time 13:20-13:50pm

"Connect with nature using essences to compliment your daily mindfulness practice"

Come and spend time learning about flower essences, and the benefits they bring on an emotional level when incorporated into your daily mindfulness practice, bringing you back to balance.