Amy Malloy
Founder and Mindfulness Teacher
No More Shoulds

Amy Malloy is on a mission for kinder, healthier minds and to lose ‘should’ for good. She is a trained and accredited meditation teacher and a lifelong advocate of cosiness. From cosy locations around Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, she offers 4 and 8-week mindfulness training courses, as well as bespoke classes and workshops. She also runs an online clothing store at, which raises funds to support making mindfulness training accessible and available to all. After personal experience of the healing powers of mindfulness for depression, she developed a long-lasting personal meditation practice and trained to teach under internationally-renowned mindfulness trainer, Shamash Alidina. She is an accredited member of the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches. Prior to founding No More Shoulds, Amy dedicated a decade of her career to educational publishing and impact research. She now finds herself drawing all that she has learned together, using mindfulness techniques to help identify unhealthy mindsets in education and wider society, for a confident and socially conscious next generation.