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talkhealth is a team of like-minded individuals, who are keen to provide the latest health information and support that is currently available. The teams primary aim is to make health support easily accessible to everyone, offering interactivity between health professionals, charities and fellow patients and their carers'.
Such a lack of support back in 2000 prompted the idea of talkhealth, following the birth of Deborah Wyatt’s daughter with a chronic eczema condition. The talkhealth team are very aware of how time consuming it is piecing together all the disparate information that is available across the internet, plus most importantly understanding its trustworthiness. Secondly they also understand the wish for people to be able to easily communicate directly with others in a similar position. Chronic health conditions can be very alienating and there is only so much you can repeatedly discuss with family and friends. Talking openly with others who fully understand health issues is a very important part of the talkhealth community experience.
The talkhealth team are all actively involved within the communities’ membership and talk openly in the forums and regularly on the blogs. They are always on the lookout for anything that they feel would be of interest to visitors and therefore openly encourage anyone to contact with news and information that they feel will be of genuine benefit to the community.
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