No More Shoulds
Stand #: D4
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£10 off a group mindfulness course or introductory mindfulness workshop

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Mindfulness training for healthier, kinder minds based in the beautiful Oxfordshire Cotswolds. No More Shoulds provides mindfulness courses and bespoke workshops to help you through life's transitions and undulations.

Employing a blend of MBCT, MBSR and loving kindness, No More Shoulds offers a cosy, safe space with which to find acceptance, resilience and inner calm. Each participant comes away with a transformed, more compassionate view of the world and a personalised action plan for a lighter, healthier future going forward.

Our online shop sells cosy sweats and comfy tees, with money from each sale going towards funding mindfulness training for those in need in the local community.

Stand Location: D4
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Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: 07799 755977