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Get a free book when you join our Book Club and get 25% off when buying 25 or more bands

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Goodie Gift #1
How Self-Compassionate are you?
Take our quick Self-Compassion test online and see for yourself.

Goodie Gift #2
Like to be more Self-Compassionate?
Join our online Book Club and journey with us.
Use code 'MLS2019' on check out and we'll gift you a copy of the book!

Goodie Gift #3
Spread the message of Self-Compassion starting with you!
Buy two copies of Kathryn Lovewell's The Little Book of Self-Compassion
(one for you and one to share)
Use code 'MLS2019' on check out and we'll gift you ten Kindness Bands too.

Goodie Gift #4
What's the kindest thing I can do for myself right now?
Wear the band now...Ask the question for life!
Use code 'MLS2019' on check out and receive 25% off your order
when buying 25 bands or more.

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