Hopping Hare Candles
Stand #: C7
Detailed information

Hopping Hare Candles are completely handmade, we hand blend our pure essential oil fragrances so you won't find them elsewhere. We then use our unique blends in our candles and reed diffusers.

Our candles are vegan, we use natural non GM rapeseed wax for a clean, soot free burn, Our wicks are cotton/linen and we use recycled glassware. Our products are simply presented in recycled board boxes and finished with ribbon and wax seals, ideal for gifts or just for yourself.

All of our candles and diffusers are highly scented and made in small batches to ensure they are as fresh as possible. Everything is fully tested and we carry allergen information for each blend, if you have any concerns or worries.

Stand Location: C7
Contact Email: Info@hoppingharecadles.co.uk
Country: United Kingdom