WHY GO ON RETREAT? By Jacky Seery, Mindfulness Association

Back WHY GO ON RETREAT? By Jacky Seery, Mindfulness Association

Recent scientific evidence states that mindful movement and mindful compassion practices change the responses in the brain in a positive way. Immersing ourselves in a retreat which contain these practices will help:


·      Lower heart rate and blood pressure

·      Relieve stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia

·      Improve wellbeing and the ability to cope with difficult situations.

Retreats allow us the time and space to:

Relax and Nurture

Retreats are spaces which are safe and nourishing. This helps us to relax and allow ourselves to transform.

Learn antidotes to stress and difficult emotions

Mindfulness and Compassion practices are scientifically proven to reduce stress and help us to be more resilient to life’s difficulties. By attending a mindfulness retreat, any destructive patterns can be changed with daily practice.  


Shift to a healthier perspective

Attending a retreat helps people to return to their busy lives with a healthier perspective. They return feeling empowered and enthusiastic to bring the skills they have learned into their lives.  This not only benefits their lives, but also of those they engage with.


Learn new life skills

Retreats provide us with practices and knowledge from experts in their fields. New coping skills are learned and practiced which can be used in everyday life.  This creates a more balanced perspective on life, helping keep stress overload at bay. We also learn to factor in healthy relaxation without feeling guilty about taking time out for ourselves.


Time to evaluate


If there is stress or difficulty in life, sometimes it helps to create a little space. To reflect on where we are at and whether there is a different way to respond.


Time for YOU


It is important to learn how to care for our psychological well being. Sometimes we don’t know how to do this, but we can learn about the power of self care and self compassion on retreat. This enables us to rebalance ourselves and not only do we benefit, others benefit too. Whilst we meet people on retreats, it is also important to take time our for ourselves, to relax and rest.


Meet new people


Attending a retreat allows you to meet new like minded people and make new connections and friendships.


Time out from from technology


Our jobs and lifestyles often mean we are connected to technology 24/7.  Taking a break from everything on retreat, including technology, allows you to unwind and destress a while.



Jacky Seery

Communications Manager

Mindfulness Association