Back WHAT IS A MANTRA? - Jo Stroud, Founder of Mantra Jewellery

A mantra is a powerful phrase, designed to make a positive impact on the way that you feel. 

For some, a mantra is spiritual. A phrase, often in the original Sanskrit, used to meditate with, to clear the mind of distracting thoughts, or to hold an intention. Sometimes, given to you by a guru or meditation teacher, as something unique to you. For me, ‘mantra’ has a wider and more contemporary meaning, and a much wider application in life - as any phrase which makes a positive impact on how you feel. 

It can be a phrase created by you; a quote you have read or heard; a piece of advice someone has given you; or simply a word that has meaning and impact for you. It is always phrased in a positive way, intended to encourage and point you towards being your best self – not to punish or criticise you for being your worst self. Your mantra can be said out loud, or repeated quietly to yourself, used to meditate with, or written somewhere that catches your eye.

A mantra’s intention is to focus your thoughts, to remind you of something, and to change your mood and mindset. I believe in the power of words to change our thinking and our outlook - and ultimately, our experience of life. I have a saying that captures the power of a mantra for me: 'A mantra can’t change the world. But it can change the way you feel – and that can change your life.'