SHOBU was initially developed as a way to make time in the shower more personal and enjoyable. 

If you think about it, the only time apart from sleeping, that we have away from the perils of emails, electronic devices and sometimes, needy children, is when we can lock ourselves away in the bathroom and enjoy a hot, steamy shower. 

Even baths can get interrupted by the needs of the outside world. However, when we are in the shower, we can immerse ourselves in the power and feel of water. So, when we developed SHOBU we wanted to make this time more about us and what we wanted, rather than what the outside world was always pushing us towards.

We wanted to have something that would make the shower, like a spa experience. Something that we could use, to get away from it all. Some time for us, and specifically a place where we could take some time out and immerse ourselves in nature. And so we developed SHOBU - 6 individual tablets that use the power of natures scents to help you really enjoy the shower experience.

As we started on our journey, which was actually only last November, we quickly came to realise how SHOBU was becoming more than just a lovely gift to give a friend, loved one, or even yourself. 

Even from our early feedback, we were noticing that SHOBU was having a part to play in helping our treasured early customers to actually feel better. The opportunity to take some time out for yourself and really enjoy natures fragrances, was becoming more of a trend we could see through trusted feedback. 

This led us towards starting to develop, what we call SHOBU THERAPY. 

Being big advocates of natural oils and aromatherapy, and how this can help the body heal, develop, wake up, relax etc, we quickly came to realise that using a SHOBU experience for a short time in the shower, just 3 - 5 minutes, actually meant that you can meditate at the same time and get away from it all. 

With the simplest explanation of Mindfulness as stated in Psychology Today being - "that you live in the moment and awakening to your current experience", we knew that SHOBU could help so many people enjoy life that little bit more. 

SHOBU could help take away the stresses and the strains for just a wonderful 5 minutes where the power of nature is helping you enjoy the time. 

It can help to relieve those days when you feel that you need a pick me up, or want to really relax and drift of to sleep naturally, it can actually help ease a stuffy nose, or take you to a luxurious spa. 

In line with this direction and development of SHOBU, we are now starting to work with some wonderfully esteemed Mindfulness coaches, who are helping us develop SHOBU and fully understand how SHOBU can give the gift of compassion and care, by the power of mediative words combined with natural aromatherapy in the shower, and we cant wait to share this, when we have it ready.

SHOBU is not just about caring for others and giving a lovely gift, it is also about you and your self care. Its about helping you to take time out and really enjoy that time away from everything. To find time to meditate in the security of your home and enjoy the power of natures fragrances. 

SHOBU - Because You Care.