(For Parent & child to practice together) 

(ages 4 -7 though can adapt for different ages) 


Sit in a cross-legged or kneeling position facing your child. 

See if you can let your bodies become very quiet and still. 


Ask your child if they can think of 5 happy or pleasant things that have happened in their day.  You can start with an example, such as “sunshine at the beach”, “eating ice cream ”, “reading a story”, “walking the dog” or “spending time with you”.  Choose simple everyday activities. Take it in turn to name your happy moments and it doesn’t matter if you can’t manage five, two or three are fine. 


Then bring one hand up to you face, finger tips in line with your lips and hand stretched out with palms facing towards you.  Now send out 5 happy wishes to your family and friends, wishing them many happy moments every day.  Breathe in to start and fold each finger into your hand as you breathe out. Start by blowing on your thumb and gently fold it in when your outbreath has finished. Next blow on your pointer finger, tall finger, ring finger and little finger, folding each finger in at the end of the out breath. 

By Christiane Kerr, Calm for Kids