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Christmas Yoga

Christmas can be such a tricky, triggering time. The heady mix of alcohol, rich food and then put into the mix seeing family, which can be very tricky for some of us, and for others it’s a time of loneliness and we’re reminded that perhaps we don’t have our family, and perhaps we’re reminded by the constant advertisements that we don’t have the money needed to buy all of those glittering things which are promised to bring us so much happiness.

The Christmas period really can be so tough. I think that what a lot of us are tempted to do is to either busy ourselves, so that basically we distract ourselves from how we really feel about it all, or we get numb through drinking too much or over-eating. These are of course, options which most of us will do, and have been our coping strategies for years and maybe our parents strategies, and that has been passed down the generations. The only trouble with that is that our ‘true’ feelings will out. Maybe over an argument with the family over the washing up - a trivial little thing can blow up, and all of the hidden resentments can come boiling over. Sometimes these are things which have been waiting to boil over after years of repressed anger - all of the past upsets of the past 10 Christmasses come out in a torrent of anger all over who is laying the table!!! Sound familiar?

Well if this is what has happened this Christmas, or if you have been left feeling perhaps a little empty inside because your Christmas wasn’t what it was ‘meant’ to be, it wasn’t the glittery, dazzley affair promise in the advertisements. Perhaps you had Christmas on your own, or you were working, or things just didn’t go to plan!

Well I’ve some post -Christmas love to share with you! I’ve found that when our minds are feeling tense, it’s great to sit still in a moment of mindfulness. But often we’re just too tense to sit and feel anything but a whirling mess of confusion. Sometimes we’re stressed and a little anxious from the Christmas period, but that stress is located in the body. So it’s time to start mindfully moving the body with gentle yoga - which is just mindful movement and breathing together!  Once we start to move, we start to feel the tension that has built up start to dissipate. We start to feel tingles in the body, we start to feel our body! The process of un-numbing ourselves has begun.

I know that Christmas is a really busy time of year for even thinking about rolling out your yoga mat at home, and most of you will say that you’re far too busy to do yoga. But ten minutes is something we all have available to us. Ten minutes is just the amount of time it takes to scroll meaninglessly through social media. Or ten minutes is a tea break. Well do try to start aftresh with new habits and see  - just see - if you can incorporate ten minutes of yoga into your life, starting today!

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BY Kat Farrants, Movement for Modern Life