Katie Sheen, founder of Soul Nutrition, uses a combination of mindfulness, positive psychology and nutritional support techniques to enhance wellness. She describes mindful eating on her website... as an opportunity to bring our attention to the food and drink that we consume, and to our related physical and emotional responses. By connecting more clearly and compassionately with ourselves and with the choices that we make we gain valuable insights that help us to create a more relaxed, enjoyable and supportive relationship with our food.

Whether you want to lose or gain weight, develop a more balanced attitude towards food, or simply make more choices that support your health and happiness, mindful eating can help you to achieve your goals. It can also bring a sense of deep connection to the world around you as you develop the ability to see not just the food that is on your plate, but all that lies behind it: the seed, the soil, the sun, the rain, and the countless people and resources who have worked together to produce the nourishment you need in order to enjoy life to the full.

We were delighted to welcome Katie Sheen to our Manchester show, to introduce the subject of mindful eating.

Her presentation "Mindful Eating for Inner Peace" looked at discovering how to turn each mealtime into a peaceful, mindful meditation. Explore how mindful eating can help you to gently and compassionately identify, embrace and enjoy the eating patterns that support your health and happiness most effectively.

You can watch Katie's presentation and others from our Manchester show, in the Mindful Living Library.